Popcorn in a bowl

10 Foods That Have Been Linked To Cancer

According to The American Cancer Society, the chances of being diagnosed with cancer have increased over the past few decades. Currently, there is a one in three chance for women and one in two chance for men. The rapid increase suggests that people are being exposed to cancer risks that they are not aware of.

While there are some risk factors that people know to avoid to prevent the disease, such as excessive drinking, smoking, and similar bad habits, the risks may actually be lurking in your kitchen. This is due to the fact that many foods may actually cause cancer. Here are the top ten foods that are likely to be cancerous.

10 Foods To Avoid Linked To Cancer

Microwave PopcornPopcorn in a bowl

At the top of cancer causing, food list is microwaved popcorn. Most people toss a bag in the microwave without a second thought. But that is because they are not aware the bag is lined with a chemical that has been linked to cancer. Add in the fact that the artificial butter releases fumes that are carcinogens with the fact that most kernels and oil are genetically modified and you get a perfect cancerous storm.

Hydrogenated Oils

Hydrogenated oils include oils such as vegetable oil and canola oil and they tend to be in everything. These types of oils contain high amounts of trans fats which the Mayo Clinic calls the worst type of fat. Trans fats have been banned in some states from restaurants because consuming them in high amounts not only can cause cancer, but also immune system issues and heart disease.

Red Meat

A new study suggests that red meat may be cancerous due to the presence of a sugar molecule identified as Neu5Gx contained within it. This sugar becomes part of the cell once it is consumed and attacks the body.  Studies have also shown that women who eat more red meat show an increased risk of breast cancer diagnosis. Meat eaters should feel better knowing that the risk is slightly less if they consume grass fed organic beef.

Processed Meats (Hot Dogs, Bacon, Sausage…)

Meat eaters may be even more dismayed to hear that processed meats are also highly cancerous foods. Processed meats have been linked to pancreatic cancer because of their high levels of sodium nitrite. If this is not scary enough leukemia risks increase by 700% in those who eat hot dogs on a regular basis. The nitrites are the problem here so choose meats without them and you will be better off.

Refined White Flour

Refined white flour is another way to say bleached flour, and if that sounds bad, well it is. After the bleaching process is complete traces of the chemical remain in the flour which is then used as a major ingredient in all types of shelf staples. Additionally, flours that have been over-processed are high in carbohydrates; which leads to the higher production of insulin which in turn will feed the disease. Prevent this eventuality by avoiding all high processed flour items including white pasta, white rice, and white bread.


Salt sits on nearly every dinner table and is heavily used as a preservative in many boxed, canned, and frozen goods. Unfortunately, this much salt is not natural making it cancerous. Salt has been linked to stomach cancer because it may damage the stomach lining, in turn, causing inflammation and a breeding ground for the disease.


Many people switched from butter to margarine because they thought it would be healthier for their heart. However, there are nutrients in butter whereas margarine is heavily processed and during this process, oil is cooked at high temperatures leading to an increase in free radicals. These free radicals have been linked with cancer-making margarine a risky alternative and a top cancerous food.

Barbecued Foods

Barbecuing is very popular during the summer months, but broiling your meat and vegetables and then dining outdoors may be the better choice. When meat is grilled at high temperatures, cancer-causing chemicals called PCAs and HCAs are released. These chemicals, when consumed regularly, can increase the risks of bowel cancer. Braising and boiled meats are much safer to eat.


Sugar is well known for feeding cancer cells, and soda is equivalent to eating tablespoons of sugar in one sitting. French friesSoda has an absurd number of refined sugars that can lead to cancer growth. The bad news is that diet sodas are just as bad because artificial sweeteners lead to obesity increasing the risk of pancreatic, endometrial, breast, kidney, and colon cancers.

French Fries

Rounding out the list of top cancer causing foods are French fries. They may be a great guilty pleasure and an American homestay, but they are also very destructive. French fries contain high amounts of salt and are fried in hydrogenated vegetable oil, which are both cancerous on their own. However, the story gets even worse when you realize that potatoes are known as one of the ‘dirty dozen,’ which means they have the most pesticide residue on them compared to other vegetables.

All in all, it is vital to pay attention to what we put in our bodies in order to decrease the chances of consuming cancerous foods as much as possible.