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Are There Benefits To Legalizing Marijuana?

Marijuana is very controversial although studies are beginning to show its merit in health issues. There are quite a few reasons legalizing marijuana can benefit society especially economically. Medically we already know that cancer patients show a greater appetite when given medical marijuana for cancer symptoms and chemotherapy side effects. Other patients are finding that medical marijuana helps with pain issues. Read the medical reports supporting medical marijuana at NORML. There is a serious benefit to the fact that marijuana is natural is not processed as other medications are in pharmacology.

Pros Of Legalizing MarijuanaTwo Elite Looking Women Smoking Marijuana

The benefits of legalizing marijuana are not always given or accepted as truth. Even though numerous studies have been shown that its use is much better for a relaxant than alcohol and the dangers are much less when used socially when compared. Legalizing marijuana would take law enforcement out of an issue it really has no place in when standing next to that of alcoholics who drink and drive. The Pew Research Center states in its polls that 54 percent of Americans are for legalization of marijuana versus 46 percent against it being legalized for public consumption.

Legalizing marijuana is practical and it would be much better as a habit than alcohol for adults. This is an obvious benefit for legalizing marijuana. Socially marijuana would be accepted if it was legal. People state that because of legality issues they have a problem with it. It is not physically addictive and people who use it are not physically dependent on it. If marijuana was sold and taxed as a regular product it could benefit society economically instead of benefiting lawyers, law enforcement, and court systems. Our jails would actually see a decrease in arrests if it was legalized.

Out right legalization could benefit states in a much larger capacity because its consumption would grow and taxing marijuana could be used in great ways for the economy. The use of cigarettes is condemned but state and federal taxation make a hefty penny off of this tax.

Cons & Societal Acceptance Of Legalizing Marijuana

The cons of legalizing marijuana really are very few when looked at in a factual capacity. The reason is long term studies have yet to be done on societal use of marijuana in depth. People fear that younger adolescents would try marijuana if it was legalized.

The stigma associated with marijuana begins in propaganda films from times past. In some instances marijuana intake is considered immoral. Some of the real concerns of legalizing marijuana are under age use and addiction, highway safety, treatment costs, mental health problems and even personal health.  It is also believed that marijuana is a gateway drug to other drugs such as heroine and cocaine.

Needless to say there are real concerns as well as documented benefits to taking medical marijuana, this leaves the legalizing argument a little unclear.


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