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Tips For Staying Away From The Thanksgiving Food Coma

Thanksgiving has been celebrated since time immemorial with specific reasons depending on different cultures and religion. It is the one day that we all gather and are grateful for family and friends, and what better to do it than with a bounty of food. As such, all that food can play tricks on our self-control and we stop paying attention to how much we are actually eating.

Six Ways To Avoid A Thanksgiving Food ComaThanksgiving turkey

During Thanksgiving, there are high chances for people to go overboard with the calorie consumption. Regardless of the reasons, you need to get a little loose and enjoy the food since it’s a one-time meal. However, eating healthy on Thanksgiving does not necessarily mean you forego your delicious foods. Here are tips that will help you enjoy your food while keeping your health habits in check.

Don’t Skip Breakfast Or Lunch 

Depending on the time the Thanksgiving meal will be served, having a healthy breakfast or lunch is important in that day’s plan. It should be noted that skipping either of the meal would translate to eating much more later and also would slow the rate of metabolism. It will also ensure you do not become ravenous so that it cannot affect the way you will eat the main meal.

Stay Active During And After The Meal

Little exercises such as a brisk walk and dancing during or after the main meal will help you burn some calories. You can as well decide to participate in other indoor activities like swimming and also moving around and talking to people. This will also help you have a right mindset to overlook some hamburgers. Talking and sampling food will help you as well, as you will not necessarily be solely focused on food but on the conversations you are having.

Accept Satiety

Yes, the stuffing and pies are too delicious to put down, but it does need to happen once you realize you are full. Putting the fork down when you are full is prudent although it might become hard since Thanksgiving holidays are the days when people tend to eat until they are stuffed to the brim. It is important to serve yourself small servings that you are sure will be enough for your stomach without overdoing it.

Use The Taste Technique

This technique should be applied by those eaters who like to taste every food on the table. Using a tablespoon to taste different dishes will, in the long run at least if not much, offer satisfaction without necessarily affecting your stomach. Furthermore, you can identify the type of food that you will enjoy eating and specifically focus on those.

Watch Your Alcohol Intake3 water bottles

When it comes to alcohol, you need to go slow because it tends to lessen your resolve for healthy eating habits and
can make you indulge and overeat. Furthermore, do not forget to drink lots of water. It should also be noted that liquid calories are counted too towards your total caloric intake per day.

Substitute Unhealthy Ingredients For Healthier Options

During food preparation, the type of ingredients used needs to be considered. This will go a long way in helping you have healthy meals. For instance, when you decide to make some pie, you should opt for whole wheat pie crusts and substitute low fat milk or skimmed milk for evaporated milk. Additionally, you can decide to take meat with low fat. Consistency should also be employed, and green vegetables should not be left out in your meals because they are nutrient dense and would also help in aiding in some metabolic activities in the body.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving Day, it is a time to celebrate around food, but it is also okay not to overdo it and get yourself in a food coma.