Child Vaccines

Parents are required to make difficult decisions regarding their children’s health every day. Bearing the weight of the responsibility of making decisions regarding the health of another can be difficult, and vaccines have been a topic of many heated discussions. While the safety and efficacy of vaccines have been called into question, the medical community... Read More

The E-cigarette Debate

We all know that cigarettes are considered unhealthy. With tighter regulations against the selling and smoking in public, people are more aware of the negative impacts cigarettes have on their health. So if cigarettes are that bad, what are e-cigarettes and just how bad are they? What Are They? E-cigarette = short for electronic cigarettes... Read More

Are Food Intolerances on the Rise?

Twenty-eight percent of adults 18 and older avoid gluten in their diets, according to NPD Group, a market research company. Around 30 million Americans have a degree of lactose intolerance. Why does it seem that more and more people are afflicted with the symptoms of food intolerance? Could you have a food intolerance? Food Allergies... Read More

Problems with ignoring dental health

Although you likely know that not taking good care of your dental health can lead to cavities, you might not understand that more serious health problems can result from poor oral health. If you do not pay attention to your oral health, it can lead to a lot of health issues. Heart Disease Did you... Read More

What is Oil Pulling and it’s Benefits?

Oil pulling therapy is a harmless, inexpensive Ayurveda process designed to absorb the toxins and chemicals from the blood vessels in the mouth and tongue. This natural remedy has been used for centuries to get to the root cause of a variety of health problems and help the body in the healing process. The amount... Read More

Sleep Apnea Alternative to the CPAP Machine

Repeated interruption of sleep due to blocked breathing may be caused by obstructive sleep apnea, a condition associated with narrowing or obstruction of the airway. What typically occurs during a sleep apnea episode involves airway tissues collapsing into the airway or the tongue falling back over the airway. Consequently, the person experiences cessation of normal... Read More