Health Foods And Childhood Obesity

The level of child and adolescent obesity in America has doubled and quadrupled respectively since 1980 according to the CDC. There have been a number of initiatives around the US at municipal and state level governments to try and enforce healthy and nutritious meals on consumers by regulating food by the fast food industry. Although,... Read More

Consumer Health Changes In Healthcare

With the presidential candidates each making their arguments over what their plans are for health care, knowing what the future holds for the health care of consumers is difficult to predict. Along with the unknown future of our country’s leadership comes the overwhelming concern of healthcare costs that the consumer will have to pay for.... Read More

Benefits Of Eating Fermented Foods

Eating fermented foods may sound disgusting, but these foods can save your life and make you healthier. The human body needs the bacteria that lurks inside fermented foods, in order to function properly, such as the gut or the digestive system. Fermented foods go through a process called lacto-fermentation. Read more about lacto-fermentation here. In... Read More

Are There Benefits To Legalizing Marijuana?

Marijuana is very controversial although studies are beginning to show its merit in health issues. There are quite a few reasons legalizing marijuana can benefit society especially economically. Medically we already know that cancer patients show a greater appetite when given medical marijuana for cancer symptoms and chemotherapy side effects. Other patients are finding that... Read More

Your Child’s Diet Habits In Utero

Eating healthfully and maintaining a normal body weight is difficult for many people. It is easy to get in the habit of following a certain diet that consists of frequent stops to fast food restaurants, binges on junk food, and regularly consuming other foods that aren’t so healthy. Although parents may not realize it, their... Read More

Child Vaccines

Parents are required to make difficult decisions regarding their children’s health every day. Bearing the weight of the responsibility of making decisions regarding the health of another can be difficult, and vaccines have been a topic of many heated discussions. While the safety and efficacy of vaccines have been called into question, the medical community... Read More

The E-cigarette Debate

We all know that cigarettes are considered unhealthy. With tighter regulations against the selling and smoking in public, people are more aware of the negative impacts cigarettes have on their health. So if cigarettes are that bad, what are e-cigarettes and just how bad are they? What Are They? E-cigarette = short for electronic cigarettes... Read More