Fitness party

Introducing ‘Healthonism’

The new label for the healthonism trend is a portmanteau of the words ‘hedonism’ and ‘health.’ Essentially, it is the name for a philosophy and a set of rules that allows people to still be hedonistic and mindful of their health at the same time.

Many people believe that going out drinking is automatically going to negate a lot of their efforts towards being healthier, which is simply not always the case. Many people are trying to take the third option, giving them the chance to enjoy partying with friends while still being health-conscious individuals who do not have to make related sacrifices. Healthonism is going to be one of the emerging health trends that is going to define the 2016 year, and possibly the 2010’s decade.

Fitness party

Practical Ways to Practice Healthonism

One of the main ways to enjoy the new healthonism trend is to drink late at night while exercising during the day. Some new research has demonstrated that people actually tend to exert themselves more on the days that they drink for whatever reason, so these two habits might actually manage to enforce each other more than many people might imagine.

Eating more health fat and protein is usually a good idea from a dietary perspective anyway. It is also going to help people who are practicing healthonism, because the increase in the fat and protein will help people absorb the alcohol that they are drinking more effectively.

Dancing as well as drinking is great from the perspective of healthonism, because dancing burns calories whether Party lightspeople are doing it in a dance class or doing it in a club with their friends .

Consuming electrolytes and potassium can help people recover from hangovers far more efficiently than they will with many of the hangover cures that are typically in use, and these natural substances are significantly healthier in any circumstance.

Events Featuring Drinks At Health Clubs

More and more events at health clubs are going to feature drinks in the evening after people have already finished with all of their exercising for the day, and the health clubs that promote this sort of thing are going to be jumping on the healthonism trend.

Some types of alcoholic beverages are going to be healthier than other types of alcoholic beverages, and learning the difference between those beverages is going to make all the difference for the people who are trying to practice healthonism in the right way. Red wine, for instance, is going to have far more antioxidants and far less sugar than its white counterpart, which is going to make it better from a healthonism perspective. Still, it is just as alcoholic and just as likely to help people have lots of fun.