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Top 5 2016 Health And Fitness Trends

Even the health and fitness world is not immune to shifting trends. There are numerous trends that are set to take shape in the health and fitness area in 2016. These are the top five health and fitness trends for next year.

Five Health & Fitness Trends

1. Wearable Technology

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Futurists from twenty years ago were predicting that wearable technology was going to become popular in the 2010’s, and it seems that they were correct. In the case of physical fitness trends, people are choosing wearable technology in order to assess their heart rates, measure the amount of time that they have spent exercising, and keep track of their surroundings in the case of outdoor exercisers. People aren’t going to get lost hiking anymore, and they’re going to be able to confirm that they’re getting their heart rates into the fitness zone thanks to heart rate trackers.

2. Personal Trainers

While DIY fitness has been popular for a long time, as the economy recovers, this may begin to change. Lots of people now have the expertise to be personal trainers, which has caused the price of getting a personal trainer to go down. People are going to increasingly start seeking assistance as they work towards their fitness goals. However, it should be noted that hiring personal trainers has been popular for a long time, and that in 2016, the trend has only gotten stronger.

3. Elder Fitness

Society today is older than it used to be on average, since one of the largest generations in human history is now in the senior citizen category. The programs that are working towards promoting healthy aging are everywhere, and the world of fitness is going to be no exception. Programs that specifically target older customers and that are geared towards their unique physical needs are going to become that much more popular in 2016, now that even the youngest Baby Boomers are entering their fifties.

4. Smartphone Exercise Apps

Given how long smartphones have been around, it is interesting that it took so long for smartphone exercise apps to become as popular as they are becoming. However, more and more people are going to consider their phones more valuable exercise tools than their exercise machines in some cases. More app developers are going to create exercise apps now, and more people are going to be using the exercise apps that are available.

5. Flexibility And Mobility Rollers

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This new trend probably relates to the fact that more older people are trying to maintain their fitness, and many older people have problems with flexibility and mobility. However, flexibility and mobility rollers are emerging on the market in higher numbers, with a huge amount of variety in terms of their size, density, and other factors. People might start using these for flexibility instead of Pilates, which is a fading trend.