Can Consuming Sugar Shrink Your Brain?

A great many of us can’t resist the lure of a sugary treat. Those afflicted with what’s commonly known as a “sweet tooth” have a definite weakness when it comes to tasty foods such as cookies, cakes, candy, and other assorted products. It’s no surprise then that foods laden with sugar consistently rank as some... Read More

When Should You Feed Kids Peanuts?

There are hundreds of food allergies out there. While some occur later on in life, many develop at a young age. One of the most dangerous and potentially deadly allergies revolves around peanuts. This simple, edible nut, can cause severe problems within the human body to those who are allergic, including a complete closing of... Read More

Are Detox Therapies Beneficial?

From maple syrup and cayenne pepper master cleanses to ancient eastern practices, detox therapy seems to be all the rage these days. These therapies claim that they will eliminate toxins from the body and help you to feel more energized and focused. But does detoxing actually work? While anecdotal evidence on detoxing abounds, most doctors... Read More

What Does The Organic Label Really Mean?

When something becomes very popular, it inevitably attracts the interest of companies and investors who want to get in on and capitalize on the current trend. Much like the large pharmaceutical industry, the primary interests of the provider are not health promotion. Profit is paramount to companies even if they are promoting health or healthy... Read More