10 Foods That Have Been Linked To Cancer

According to The American Cancer Society, the chances of being diagnosed with cancer have increased over the past few decades. Currently, there is a one in three chance for women and one in two chance for men. The rapid increase suggests that people are being exposed to cancer risks that they are not aware of.... Read More

Ten Sniffles Prevention Strategies

Flus and colds are considered the most frequent sicknesses in people. They are considered the most common reason for work and school absenteeism. In the U.S., 22 million school days are lost every year due to common cold. To get ahead of the curve this year, learn about the ten surprising ways to prevent the... Read More

Can A Happy Spouse Keep You Healthy?

When it comes to finding happiness in life, many people think that they have to make everything in their life perfect. In other words, people want to have the perfect job, the perfect kids, the perfect phone, the perfect bank account balance, and so on and so forth. However, the real truth is that sometimes... Read More

Is Pumpkin Spice Good For You?

You know what time of year it is when the aroma of pumpkin spice fills the air. Rather than a single spice, this popular seasoning is a mixture of several other spices. All the spices have a variety of proven health benefits, in addition to the warm feeling that their aroma evokes at this time... Read More

Is Cryotherapy Just A Craze Or Is It Beneficial?

About Cryotherapy You must have heard about cryotherapy before, right? If you haven’t, allow me to introduce it to you. Cryotherapy is a recovery technique that involves general or local utilization of low temperatures in medical therapy. The term “cryotherapy” originates from the Greek word cryo which translates to cold and therapy which means a... Read More