E-Cigarette Being Smoked

The E-cigarette Debate

We all know that cigarettes are considered unhealthy. With tighter regulations against the selling and smoking in public, people are more aware of the negative impacts cigarettes have on their health. So if cigarettes are that bad, what are e-cigarettes and just how bad are they?

What Are They?

E-cigarette = short for electronic cigarettes

E-cigarettes are battery operated devices that simulate tobacco smoking. It vaporizes a solution which contains a mixture of glycol, nicotine and other flavorings. The energy from the e-cigarette heats the solution and emits it into vapor. In other words, it is a tobacco-free product.

Impact on Health

E-cigarettes have been considered by numerous health officials to be a significant health innovation, particularly to those who are addicted to smoking. It provides the nicotine without the 70 odd carcinogens created from tobacco smoking. It is similar to other nicotine replacement therapies like patches and gum.

Concern for the Public

Other health officials are concerned that e-cigarettes are being sold freely. If children get their hands on the product, the candy-like flavoring is an attraction which can cause them to use it and eventually be addicted to the product. More people want e-cigarettes to be regulated particularly for this reason.

Non-smoking groups and associations are also against it because they consider it a gateway drug that allows people to have a taste of nicotine and could potentially “re-normalize” smoking, undoing all the health awareness that has had a great impact on fighting against the health related risks from the use of tobacco.

Health officials are also wary of the product, because there hasn’t been any study showing the long term effects e-cigarette has on the public.

Although e-cigarettes are considered as a “tobacco harm reduction”, regulations may still be put in place to ensure the use of the product does not lead to new or further addiction.

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