Dying To Eat: Artificial Food Dyes

It is virtually impossible to go even one day without coming into contact with artificial dyes. They are added to everything from foods to personal care products with the purpose of making such items more visually appealing. Take cereal for example. The primary market for this product is children and they are going to choose... Read More

What Is An Alligator Pear?

The alligator pear, or more commonly, the avocado, is used in everything from salads to sandwiches to spreads and everything in between. This versatile fruit is a great addition to any diet and has many benefits. Read on to learn more about one of Ira Riklis’ favorite fruits and how it can benefit your health.... Read More

Solutions For Dry Skin This Winter

Wintertime brings more than cold weather for a lot of people. As the weather gets cooler, you may notice that you’re suffering from dry skin. Certain skin conditions, such as eczema, can be exacerbated during the winter. Ira Riklis finds out why your skin might become itchy, flaky and cracked when it’s cold outside and... Read More

‘Tis The Season For Handwashing

As the flu season approaches, the importance of handwashing cannot be overstated. It is so important, in fact, that it is observed worldwide on Global Handwashing Day. This observance brings awareness to the benefits of handwashing and also gives understanding as to the state of handwashing globally. Ira Riklis believes proper handwashing is one of... Read More

All About Alzheimer’s Disease

Dementia is a general term that describes a range of symptoms associated with memory loss and cognitive ability. It occurs when brain cells are damaged, interfering with the ability of brain cells to communicate with one another. This ultimately affects thinking, behavior and feelings. Alzheimer’s is most commonly associated with such symptoms. Mental ability declines... Read More

World AIDs Day 2017, Myths And Facts

Ira Riklis discusses World AIDs day in this post which has been happening each year on the 1st of December since 1988. The day aims at uniting people and mourning the 35 million individuals who have died from the virus. The event has been diversified to focus on the success that has been attained worldwide... Read More

Pollution Impacts Us Globally

It is widely known that pollution is bad but many people are not aware just how much pollution impacts our health. One of the most detailed environmental reports was just released by the International Energy Agency, and the results were shocking. Ira Riklis breaks down some of the information we learn from this report in... Read More

The Truth About Caffeine

Do you depend on the caffeine in your morning cup of coffee to get you going? Many people feel it is difficult to function without that shot of caffeine. Since it is such a common substance that shows up in many popular drinks such as tea, coffee, and soft drinks, Ira Riklis looks into some... Read More