Food Allergies

Food allergies are thought to impact 15 million people in the United States. A food allergy affects one out of every thirteen children. Every three minutes, someone with a food allergy visits the emergency room. Ira Riklis’ attention has been drawn to some troubling facts. Some people are unaware that food allergies are serious and can result in serious sickness or even death.

The Causes

Your immune system’s purpose is to recognize threats like bacteria and germs, attack, and destroy them. The immune system of people with food allergies goes into overdrive and targets a harmless food protein known as the allergen. Dairy products, peanuts and tree nuts, soy, eggs, wheat, fish and shellfish are the most prevalent food allergies. Food allergies have been linked to family history in studies. Also, if you have allergic reactions like eczema or hayfever, you’re more likely to acquire food allergies. Asthmatics have been demonstrated to have an increased chance of having a food allergy.

The Dangers

The majority of individuals are unaware of the seriousness of a food allergy. They may believe that someone claiming to be allergic to certain foods is simply being choosy or seeking attention. However, you should take anyone who claims to have a food allergy very seriously. Food allergies can range from mild to severe. Some people will experience moderate symptoms such as hives or minor abdomen ache after being exposed to such allergies. Others, on the other hand, are hypersensitive to the allergen to the point where even tiny amounts can cause anaphylactic shock, in which their throat closes up and they can’t breathe. This disorder has the potential to be lethal if not addressed promptly.

A Kiss Is Not Just A Kiss

The last thing you want to worry about when out on a date is your food allergy. However, your health and well-being are essential to you, thus you must inform your date about your food allergy. Remember that your date might want to kiss you goodnight. When you’re coping with a food allergy, realize that a kiss isn’t simply a kiss. Dr. Scott Sicherer, a pediatric allergist, estimates that between 5% and 12% of people with food allergies will experience side effects from kissing. This indicates that kissing reactions are widespread and can be serious. If you haven’t mentioned your food allergy, you might want to reconsider that goodnight kiss.

Food Allergy In The Movies

Sony Pictures’ Peter Rabbit has received a lot of media attention. This is a children’s film that you wouldn’t expect to be controversial. Many parents, though, who took their children to watch it were disappointed. According to the movie, Peter Rabbit leads a bunch of rabbits in pelting their arch-enemy, Mr. McGregor, with blackberries. If Mr. McGregor wasn’t allergic to blackberries, this situation would be much more innocent. Mr. McGregor, it turns out, is allergic to blackberries to the point of anaphylactic shock. This is no laughing issue for parents who deal with their children’s food allergies on a regular basis. It turns out that many parents were angered by the film’s apparent mockery of food allergies.

Food allergies, no matter how small or severe, should always be addressed seriously. If you have a food allergy, it’s critical to speak up and inform others so you don’t unwittingly consume something harmful.