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How Do You Avoid Vacation Weight Gain?

With summer vacations already in the works, it’s easy to get caught up in everything and let your diet and exerciseWoman drinking coke routine go to the wayside. Next thing you know you have gained an extra 15-20 pounds, if not more, and all over something that could have been avoided in the first place. But, what can you do to make sure you don’t end up getting stuck with vacation weight gain? If you want to have a great time this summer without having to worry about all of the extra weight, consider following some of these simple and effective tips below.

Schedule In Your Fitness

While vacations are meant to be a time to sit back, relax and rejuvenate yourself, you also want to make sure your health doesn’t suffer in the process. As you go through and plan your summer vacation, try to choose a location where you can still get out and participate in a number of different physical activities. By participating in any number of different activities, you can burn calories quickly and easily, without feeling like you are spending your entire vacation exercising or focusing on your health.

Walk along the city streets, go for a hike in the woods along the trails, swim at the beach or do anything else you can think of that is fun and enjoyable for you. Just make sure you are doing something each day. Sitting outside at the pool might be nice, but it isn’t going to keep your body healthy and prevent the pounds from creeping up on you.

Pay Attention To The Foods You Eat

When on vacation, many people head out and enjoy eating at any number of different restaurants and fast food joints. While this might seem like the simple solution to enjoying your vacation and minimizing the work you have to do, it is also one of the unhealthiest options out there.

You need to try to stock up on fruits, vegetables, nuts and healthy snacks that you can eat at the hotel. If you were able to rent a place with a full kitchen, consider making your own meals. That allows you to control the foods that you are putting in your body, without having to sacrifice your health along the way.

Exercise While You WaitTwo girls on the beach

If you are stuck waiting for an hour or two for your flight to board, you can use that time to your advantage to burn off some extra calories. Find a long hallway in the terminal and begin walking up and down to burn off calories and release some anxiety along the way. If there are stairs somewhere in the terminal, you can walk up and down those as well.

By spending your time walking and moving around, it will keep you away from the airport snacks and allow you to focus on something healthier. Walking around can also help boost your energy and leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated. You might be surprised at how quickly the time will fly when you are up and moving around the terminal.

Don’t let vacation weight gain creep up on you. Take the time to plan ahead and figure out what you can do to minimize the amount of calories you take in, while increasing the amount of calories you are burning off each day. There is no reason why you can’t enjoy going on the vacation of your dreams and stay healthy in the process. Begin by using the tips above and exploring some of the other options out there to help you come back the same size and weight you were when you left for your vacation.