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Recent Tyson Chicken Wing Product Food Recall

Food recalls like the recent Tyson food recall help demonstrate the tremendous societal impact even a relatively minor food scare can have. Tyson Foods Inc., announced on November 17, 2015 that they were initiating a recall of 52,486 pounds of their famous spicy chicken wing products in order to protect their customers.

Product Characteristics

People who consume Tyson chicken products on a regular basis should not be alarmed. If they are wondering whether they may have consumed the tainted products in question, they should know that this batch of chicken wingBaked Chicken Wings products had the following characteristics and can be identified using the following information:

  • The tainted chicken had October 24 and October 25 expiration dates, for the year 2016.
  • The tainted chicken was first made exactly one year before the expiration dates, which is typical in the industry.
  • The recalled products should specifically be identified as: Tyson® Any’tizers® Fully Cooked Hot Wings®.

People who do have products that meet that description should throw them away or try to have them returned to the store where they were purchased, if possible, at which point they will be recalled as well.

Tyson Foods’ Consumer Relations is available at 866-328-3156 for the customers who may still have questions or worries about the product recall. The number is toll free.

Consequences of the Product Recall

As of November 25, 2015, the Agricultural Department in the United States has officially said that there were customers who got sick as a result of consuming the tainted chicken wing products. Complaints about the weird scent of the chicken products initiated the problem in the first place. However, customers have not experienced anything more serious than that thus far.

Many people get very worried about situations like these. They often have customers questioning the entire state ofTyson Foods Truck the modern food industry and questioning the safety of all of their food. However, these food returns technically signify that the industry is working correctly. Food is going to get contaminated on occasion even at the best of
times. The fact that society is able to respond to those problems adequately is what’s important.

So far, it seems that the offending products in this case were either recalled or destroyed, and they didn’t cause anything worse than mild injury and discomfort. The protocols that were supposed to protect consumers were working in this case. The Tyson Food company was willing and able to go to the time and expense necessary to go through with the product recall. This is a situation that should make consumers feel safer as opposed to less safe.

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