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Preventative HIV Treatments

The treatment options for HIV have surely come a long way. Presently, individuals are living fully productive lives even with the virus. Prevention strategies exist to prevent the virus from spreading. Just like blood pressure or hypertension, HIV is a medically manageable condition. Over the years, treatment options for this virus keep evolving.

Available HIV Preventative TreatmentHIV Red Ribbon

When it comes to prevention treatment, one can take PrEP (Pre Exposure Pohylaxis) – a daily pill that comes in handy in decreasing the risk of getting HIV by 90%. Nonetheless, it takes two people to ensure it woks effectively. According to Dr. Nada Fadul, an ECU physician, the most essential step is for the infected by HIV to take medicine in order to treat his/her condition.

Doctors highly recommend Pre Exposure Pohylaxis for those considered at risk.

The Effective Treatment

According to a new research, only two people out of four hundred became infected in one year. The research suggested that medications taken to prevent virus infection in high-risk folks appear to work perfectly in “real-life” use. The study indicated that improper taking of PrEP was the reason the two people contacted HIV.

The new study discovered that HIV infection rate was twenty times lower compared to several previous HIV studies. This is according to background information in the study. Director of HIV Prevention Research at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, Dr. Kenneth Mayer, who is familiar with the study’s findings, said that bisexual and gay men at high risk for infection of the virus should receive adequate counseling about pre-exposure prophylaxis. He also said that pharmacy records indicate that tens of thousands of bisexual and gay men are using

Slight Set Back

Nothing good lacks some problems, either minor or major. Preventive options for HIV are no exception. The most important issue is the fact that PrEP is somewhat expensive. Potentially, it costs roughly $1300 per month, according to the study’s lead author Dr. Albert Liu, a clinical research director with San Francisco Department of Public Health.

The good thing is that most insurance companies cover this treatment. Medication assistance programs are also available based on records from the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Contents Of PrEP

PrEP combines two drugs emtricitabine and tenofovir into one single pill that is marketed as Truvada. The main goal of this preventive treatment is to effectively prevent high-risk individuals from contracting HIV. In the United States, the treatment received a node for use in 2012 according to background information of the study.

Bisexual and gay men account for two-thirds of latest HIV infections. This new study is distinct since it offers insight into how the preventive treatment works within the community at large rather than among folks recruited for the study.

Other Circumstances To Prevent HIV Infection

HIV preventive treatment options can also be used to prevent mother-to-child transmission of the virus as well as HIV/AIDS Red Ribbonpost-exposure prophylaxis. Pregnant HIV-infected women normally take HIV medicines at childbirth or during pregnancy to mitigate the risk of transmitting to their babies. Newborn babies also take the medicine for six weeks after birth. This goes miles in reducing the risk of infection from viruses that might have entered their body during childbirth.

On top of utilizing the newer bio-medical options such as post-exposure and pre-exposure prophylaxis, one can prevent HIV by limiting the number of sexual partners, avoiding sharing needles and correctly and/or consistently using condoms.

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