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Examining 5 Foods That Are Meant To Give Energy

You don’t have to worry if you are just busy at work and if you leave work too tired even to go the gym. You even don’t have to literally live on coffee or even sugar to help maintain your energy levels. Some of these methods that are used to give the body energy do not actually boost stamina but could end up sucking some of it from your body.

There are natural ways of boosting the energy levels in your body that you could turn to and gain vitality without the added strenuous activities. The are plenty of foods that are known to have strength and vitality benefits, but below we will look at five foods that are considered natural energy food sources.

Five Energy Giving Foods


You cannot talk about energy and leave out bulgur. Bulgur is a wholesome cereal product obtained from wheat. Nutritionists recommend bulgur as a great vitality food. Apart from its strength-giving abilities, bulgur is also a good source of fiber that helps the digestive system to break down food efficiently. Bulgur also contains protein compounds as well as vitamin B-6. A single cup of bulgur produces about 33.8 grams of carbohydrates, which form about 26% of the required amount in the body. This feature gives it an upper ranking of the energy-giving foods. The next time you feel weak and drained, just cook a cup of bulgur and you will have your vitality restored.Uncooked lentils


Lentils fall in the category of legumes. They are also a renowned source of energy in our bodies. When compared with other benefits that they contain, the energy component forms the biggest percentage. Including lentils in your diet, therefore, gives your body a rich energy source. Lentils also have other benefits. Nutritionists also advise people to use them for body building purposes. The protein compounds help in the repair of worn out tissues as well as the production of antibodies in the body.

Almond Nuts

Nuts, generally are very famous when it comes to energy-giving foods. There are thousands of nuts that nutritionists recommend. The almond nuts are a category of nuts with rich concentrates of energy. Almonds tend to produce a great number of calories with each serving. They too have various nutritional benefits such as fiber. You can pack almond nuts as a snack to keep your energy levels up during the day.

Apples And Pears

A well-balanced diet that includes fruits enhances your health. Fruits reduce the risk of contracting dangerous diseases because of their protective benefits. Many people think that fruits are mainly protective foods due to the vitamin content in them. However, apples and pears are rich energy foods as well. Research has indicated that apples give more energy than a cup of coffee. Apples and pears can be consumed at any time of the day.

Maca PowderEnergy boost recipe

Since the 1990’s, Maca has maintained a long history of its potency to provide energy. It has properties of boosting energy levels in the body. Unlike other energizers sold in the market, Maca contains no caffeine and thus is not addictive. It is also a rich source of proteins and vitamins like A, B2, B3 vitamin D and C. Hormonal balance is another advantage of Maca. It has an ability to balance hormones in both men and women. Despite being a rich
energy food, Maca enhances the body’s resistance to diseases.

The beauty of natural energy foods is that they are mild on your body organs and systems, unlike the chemical
energizers. Again, they contain a very big amount of energy and are also very nutritious. To stay energetic throughout the day, it is good to start the day with breakfast that consists of the energy foods. You should also ensure that you include these energy foods in all your meals.