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Things You Didn’t Know About Pregnancy

You thought you knew everything about pregnancy because you read about it in magazines, a pregnant woman narrated her condition to you or learned it on TV. Someone gets that bad feeling, morning sickness, nausea, breast growth, huge bumps, general body growth and labor starts when least expected, right? Well, you will realize that you knew nothing.

9 Things Facts About PregnancyPregnancy stomach

There are some things you didn’t know about pregnancy that nobody is probably willing to tell you. Here are nine things that might surprise you about pregnancy.

1. Frequent Mood Swings

One minute the pregnant woman feels amazing with glossy hair and has an extraordinary pregnancy glow, and the next minute they feel shattered and utterly odd. Sex during pregnancy is a little weird, totally unexpected, but is very normal too.

2. The First Trimester Is The Scariest

Most women believe that the scariest month of pregnancy is the ninth month when the baby is expected. However, it is always the first three months that are more stressful. The morning sickness, nausea, possibility of miscarriage and other irritating pregnancy symptoms may make life seem a little bad. Every pregnant woman wants to reach that 12 weeks safety time to share their news.

3. A Pregnant Woman Is Already A Mom

Months before the baby actually arrives, a pregnant woman will act like a proper mom. She will start living a little more safely, and telling everyone else to do the same. She tends to bond with other women who care much about their kids.

4. Pregnancy Could Last Over A Year

Scientifically, pregnancies last for about nine months, and doctors might induce labor if your pregnancy goes too long. With that said, it is quite possible to be pregnant for a year.

5. The Sense Of Smell Gets Better

During pregnancy, your sense of smell and taste grows drastically. You will notice the smell of food, waste, and other things faster than anybody else in the house, street, and other public places. It is believed that this will help you avoid eating toxins that might deadly to a fetus, and not dangerous to an adult.

6. Pain Starts Early

In the TV-world, the pain starts at exactly the ninth month and last one or two hours before a beautiful baby is born. In the real world, your body starts changing early enough to release the baby. During that time, general pains, aches, ligament pain, abdominal pains and struggling to work are all common as your uterus prepares to release the baby. Luckily, you can consult with your doctor before things go from normal to worse.

7. Health Care Professionals Will Prod-You A Lot

Do you actually know the number of visits and ultrasounds an average pregnant woman has? It is a lot! You might be nervous about your annual visit to the gynecologist, but by the time you are nine months pregnant, all prodding and poking in your private places starts to get, oddly, normal.

8. You Become Passionate About Your BodyBaby in utero

You will find yourself noting down the exact time your baby kicks, pokes or jumps. The baby is never quiet in your womb. You will also hate yourself when you realize that you have consumed something not recommended in your diet lists.

9. Stretch Marks Are Inevitable

At the end of your trimester, the stretch marks will erupt, so much for cocoa butter. You will be spending money on expensive lotions and potions thinking the stretch marks will go away. Luckily, your stretch marks will fade over time after giving birth.